"Balanced Rock Organizers made moving into my first home an easy and fun experience! I have always struggled with keeping my spaces neat and organized. Moving has always been stressful, and typically, wherever anything lands is where it stays, whether it makes sense for the space or not. I bought my first home recently, and Balanced Rock Organizers helped me with my move. What would have taken me several weeks to do myself took two days, and my space was the most organized it has ever been. Being a somewhat disorderly person, I have been really happy and excited to learn that I am actually able to keep my space neat and organized once an organization system is established. I just haven’t ever been good at getting my living space to that point on my own. But Amie with Balanced Rock helped me get over that hurdle and listened to my requests to make my first home function the best for me. What I thought was really creative was how she used things that I already owned and repurposed them to help organize my home! Additionally, there was a follow up appointment where she came back and asked what was working and what was not. She then came up with new ideas to adjust what needed to change to make my space more functional. Thanks to Amie with Balanced Rock, I have a space that is not only comfortable and functional to live in but is also a space that I am proud to call my own."

-Addie, Ft. Worth, Texas

"Amie is an ace at all things organizing. Her work not only helps you create and maintain space in your office or home, but leads to increased productivity and decreased stress. She has incredible attention to detail with great focus on planning for the immediate and distant future, meaning that her work will have a positive impact on your work and life for years to come. "

-Jovanka, Culver City, California

"After I retired, the building that had served as my office and shop for nearly 20 years had to be converted to an apartment to generate retirement income.  Knowing I would need the income as soon as possible, I had already prepared construction plans and lined up a contractor in advance, but with the builders expected to begin the project in a very short time, I still hadn’t emptied the building of many years worth of furniture, equipment, inventory, tools and miscellaneous stuff acquired over time.  Sentimental attachment, packrat mentality, and procrastination had left me feeling desperately overwhelmed.

I contacted Amie at Balanced Rock Organizers and she quickly sprang into action.  I soon recognized her professionalism as she implemented her stress-free approach and a proven plan to deal with everything that had been worrying me about the project.  She helped me decide what records and files should be saved and what paperwork could be shredded, what items to keep or discard, and what could be donated to the benefit of others.  She organized my storage room and reduced the clutter which had occupied most of an entire room down to just a few neatly organized and labeled containers on just a few shelves.  After only a few days, Amie left me with a completely empty space ready for the contractors and a neat and compact storage space where I can easily access any saved items that are important to me.  She provided all the appropriate containers and labels, and even took care of disposing of everything that I decided I no longer wanted.  Thanks to her experience and action plan, my construction project began on time saving me the stress, embarrassment and expense of postponing.  I was able to confidently advertise my rental apartment and occupancy date, allowing me to secure a qualified tenant that was able to move in immediately upon completion of construction.

I wholeheartedly recommend Amie at Balanced Rock Organizers to anyone looking for a painless solution for their organizing, streamlining or compacting of storage space."

-Mark, Kerrville, Texas

Amie was fantastic to work with! She was friendly, professional, and hard working. We hired Balanced Rock to organize our kitchen and pantry while we were out of town for a week. When we came home, we were so impressed, we asked Amie help with the rest of the house! She offered thoughtful and cost effective storage solutions for our family of five. It is such a joy having everything in the right place! 

-Aaron & Hannah, Fredericksburg, Texas

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